Global War on Terror
Global War on Terror

War in Southern Askersia, Mother's Rootage War, Civil War of Cadarus, Spillover of the Cadarian Civil War, Yappul-Alberya War, Darreshti Civil War, Invasion of Yappul, Operation Antivenin, Tullic Wars in Aphrostan, Alberyan War, Operation Cleanse, Campaign Against the Covenant, Cadarian Upheaval, Askerskan Insurrection, Operation Deface & Revive, Oreyptian Civil War, Tullic Takeover of Zeiifunder, Mother's War in Aphrostan, Mercenary Wars, 2047 Insurrection of Tarquona, Operation Lunch Money, Cristucal Conflict, New Year's Eve Conflict, Operation Havenbuster




Global, particularly in

  • Azium
  • Aphrostan
  • Southern Azium is thrown into complete chaos
  • Fall of Southern Askersia's dictatorship
  • TECA rises and takes control of numerous territories and cities throughout Cadarus and the Adonte
  • Erekka Fe-'DeNursaa, Salaf Unze, Dardarp Sreka, Ilahad the Reaper, Lennessod the Cultivator, Morstai, Zellierde Unnusa, Ernsan Arade, and other terrorist leaders are killed
  • Axiom is dissoluted
  • Momo Senoura is dissoluted
  • Azium regains some stability, and thus Concordian Occupational Forces take authority in certain regions
  • Varr-Iskad exists in small, weakened remnants
  • TECA is destroyed
  • Extrema Caeli is heavily crippled
  • Terrorism is globally contained
  • Specific regions of Azium become governed by Concordian Occupational Forces

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Harbian Eclipse Agency
  • Legionnaire International

Atonement of Harmony

  • Eulumia
  • Domi Concordia
  • San Locura
  • Tierra del Sador
  • Frenoire
  • Lishta Azia
  • New Vaeulia
  • Telcasa
  • Tieuxberia
  • Bohtan
  • Telcasa
  • Cereus
  • Roulasvia
  • Verall
  • Jelunia
  • Jaulabohr
  • Vorennta
  • Machinam
  • Caesus
  • Gahnia
  • Olfros
  • Gadida
  • Zujan
  • Zenesia
  • Tutu
  • Jim


  • Isteroxean Union
  • Govinda
  • Jerundusia
  • Oreypt
  • Cadarus
  • Shajaratan
  • Yappul
  • Darresht
  • Sanamar

Main targets

  • Extrema Caeli
  • Varr-Iskad
    • VICC
    • VIA
    • VIM
    • Varr-Khabaab
    • Varr-Islarka
    • Chor Askisla Group
    • Varr-Illon Front
  • Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte
    • Ush Kinada
    • Tiskua Far'Bila
  • Khanilbohn
  • Momo Senoura
  • Mors'Quam


  • Cadarian Secession Movement
  • Cult of Tulia
  • The True Rootage
  • Axiom
  • Yappul Separatist Movement
  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Katherine Elouise
  • Peter Dunwall†
  • Jaxson Philip Dunwall†
  • Alexander Dunwall
  • Amelia Benedetto
  • Terry Bellum
  • Valentine Ekaj
  • Laezander Smythe
  • Chandler Terobain
  • Jack Sheldon
  • Matthew Deyelles
  • Samson Grettun
  • Aetern Vivandez†
  • Mortun Vivandez
  • Sesil Sarraton
  • Heloise D'uelle
  • Cerrus I†
  • Cerrus II
  • Erekka Fe-De'Nursaa†
  • Salaf Unze†
  • Ilahad the Reaper†
  • Lennessod the Cultivator†
  • Hortisa Arniga†
  • Dardarp Sreka†
  • Morstai†
  • Zellierde Unnusa†
  • Musnai the Harvester†
  • Ernsan Arade†
  • Rynnul Bagduly†
  • Li-Kunas the Reaper†
  • Serran the Tiller†
  • Garnon Essias
  • Mohzeus Maliroy

The Global War on Terror, or simply the War on Terror, was a global movement mainly led by the Atonement of Harmony and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros against terrorism across Junope, particularly against Tullic terrorist organizations.

War on Terror

The Global War on Terror was declared by both the Atonement of Harmony and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros in early 2009, two months after the Dolor Friday Attacks, which sparked grief and anger across Junope. Following the declaration of global war against terrorism, Harbitros and the Atonement of Harmony invaded the Azian nation of Southern Askersia, after confirming Varr-Iskad's, perpetators of the Dolor Friday Attacks, presence in the country. 

After the initial War in Southern Askersia, various other conflicts broke out across northeastern and southern Azium, specifically in Cadarus and its contiguous neighbours. These sparks of aggression were called by a rising stateless military known as the Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte, or TECA. It also eventually began sending infantry to Aphrostan to begin a rootage of Tullism in the Baeccan subcontinent. This sparked the Mother's Rootage War, and subsequently the Tullic Wars in Aphrostan

In 2040, Azian Neonassis and Tullists allied themselves to form a multinational entity known as the National Socialist Covenant of Azium -- which aimed at creating regime similar to the former Hassock Empire. However, the Atonement of Harmony -- spearheaded by Harbitros, Domi Concordia, and Eulumia -- defeated and dissoluted the covenant. The war led to mass chaos and instability across Azium, specifically in the Askersias, Cadarus, and Oreypt. 

In 2045, a new stateless military, Extrema Caeli, emerged. Its goal was to bring down all borders on Junope, beginning with Harbitros, Domi Concordia, and the Isteroxean Union. On Threshannual VI, 2045, Harbian legionnaires were ambushed by Extrema Caeli infantry during an operation in the Mother's War in Aphrostan, thus initiating the chaotic Mercenary Wars. From 2045 to 2048, Extrema Caeli also offered its services to TECA, Varr-Iskad, and other terrorist organizations in order to maximize its destruction against "paradise and perdition". In 2049, however, it declined all terrorist contracts and focused solely on its own dogma. 

By 2051, the Global War on Terror was grinding down to a somewhat static state. A major terrorist group, the pro-communist terrorist cell Axiom, was entirely destroyed by the Harbian Eclipse Agency in a series of operations during the Mother's War in Aphrostan. After its defeat, terrorist morale dropped significantly, and Momo Senoura was also later dissoluted. The remaining Varr-Iskad and TECA then fled back to Azium with their remaining infantry -- or surrendered to AoH Peacekeeping. Due to the campaigns against terror in Aphrostan, much of the eastern subcontinent was in ruination. In specific, the nations of Bogo and Nisso was utterly ravaged, after its government was torn asunder by TECA and was left under Tullic rule. When Bogo and Nisso were retaken, Domi Concordia occupied the countries until their governments could be reinstated.

In the waning years of the Global War on Terror, Azium was eventually restabilized by Harbitros, the Atonement of Harmony, and Domi Concordia. The Aftermath of the Campaign eventually ceased as well, as Cadarus, the Askersias, and Oreypt were pinned down by the aforementioned entities. As a precaution, Domi Concordia was allowed to send occuptional forces throughout Azium's unstable regions in order to hold the pieces together. With the end to the Scourge of Tullism, the Global War on Terror shifted into only focusing on the Mercenary Wars. 

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