Gorvga-7 Vault


Basic Information
Owner United Soviette Republics
Type Unknown, believed to be classified information regarding soviette perdial voxi and robotics
Location The Virago Rainforest, Lauros
Constructed est. 1982

The photograph found in the vault

The Gorvga-7 Soviette Vault was a small vault created by the United Soviette Republics to store secret information. It was discovered in Lauros in 2076 and news of it made its way to the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. A team of researchers then traveled to Lauros and located the vault. Unlike the other vaults previously found, this one had seemingly never been locked. Upon entering the Gorvga-7 vault, however, the Harbians realized that it was empty except for an old photograph of what appeared to be a very prototypical perdial vox or power armour. The only other things within the vault were cobwebs and a few nails, screws, and bolts. The discovery brought into question of whether or not the Sov Detak-0 was truly the first perdial vox, or if there was one prior to its creaton.

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