Grand Winsch Desert

Grand Winsch Desert

Countries Harbitros
Demesnes Winsch, Sarsaparilla, Claredank, North Contoure, South Contoure
Biome Desert
Total area 666,853 sq. km

The Grand Winsch Desert is the second largest desert on Junope, located on the western mainland of Avarice. Two of Harbitros' most notable cities, Crittenden and Vice Ridge, are located in the Grand Winsch Desert. In the mid-1800s, large traces of gold and silver were found in various parts of the region, causing a global migration to the Harbian west. During this Eularbian social age known as the Wild West, Harbitros expanded west, as well as the new immigrants. Boomtowns appeared overnight, and hundreds of mines were constructed in the hopes of striking rich. The freedom of the west also attracted morally detatched persons, such as outlaws and criminals, which would wreak havoc upon the western settlers. Eventually, however, Eularbian authority was blanketed over the Grand Winsch Desert, reducing the chaotic and anarchic elements of the Wild West, and bringing the age of cowboys to an end. 

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