The Great Isteroxean Depression, also known as the Isteroxe-wide Economic Depression, was a major economic depression and period of civil unrest across the continent of Isteroxe. Not all Isteroxean countries were affected by the economic downspiral, but most were in some way or another. Its origins stem from a culmination of events, taking place between the 2050s up until the 2070s. 

IU unrest

Jelunians rioting two months after the Höllenkurier eruption

The Roulasvian Civil War is debated to have been the origin of the economic depression, as it caused heated tensions in Larusia and Baphara. It also caused a weak economic dissonance for the IU economy. However, after the civil unrest ended in 2050, all effects seemingly vanished. What likely ties it to the depression is the fact that after the Global War on Terror, the Isteroxean Union pushed for all of its membering nations to adopt socialist or mixed economy policies. This action possibly stunted the true healing of the economy after the Roulasvian Civil War, as well as caused the overall continent-wide economy to become weaker and less stable. From the mid-2060s up until 2070, the economy of the Isteroxean Union became visibly unstable. Inflation and stock fluctuations caused the IU stock market to spiral into madness, and the economies of Eulumia, Cereus, Jelunia, Verall, Callova -- and others -- to enter recessions. In the following year, all economic situations across Isteroxe worsened due to the events of the 2071 Höllenkurier Crisis, when the large, titular volcano in Jelunia erupted. It caused over one trillion dollars in damage, and killed over 200,000 Isteroxeans; it injured approximately 300,000 people in one way or another. This unexpected cataclysm sunk almost all Isteroxean Union countries' economies, forcing the entire Isteroxean Union to eventually enter an economic depression by 2077. Riots, looting, and other forms of civil unrest broke out through Jelunia and other Jayrspan nations, lasting from 2071 until 2073. The economic depression and the increasing ineptitude and chaos of the Isteroxean Union also caused riots to occur in Eulumia, Verall, Khrysm City, Esarona, and other notable nations. The only Isteroxean countries seemingly unaffected were Espinthela, Gecko, Tierra del Sador, and Cruale. However, in 2078, Tierra del Sador experienced its own problems when the Concordian oil corporation Harena Maris Petroleum waged a corporate war against its government. The economic depression caused  the majority of Isteroxeans to lose all hope and trust in the Isteroxean Union for its inability to mend its economic and civil problems, and do such a slow and inefficient job in cleaning up after the volcano eruption. The economic conditions across Isteroxe worsened after the 2083 Cascade of Terror and the dissolution of the Isteroxean Union.

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