Suchaz Unrest2

A rioter amidst the 2050s Fracas of Suchaz

The Great Suchaz Recession -- also known as the 2050s Suchaz Recession -- was an economic recession in the Dominion of Suchaz that was caused by over a year of consistently dwindling imports from the Federation of Machinam. Due to the societal instability and civil unrest in Machinam created by the Machinish Civil War, Machinish exports directed to the nation of Suchaz significantly decreased. Due to the number of imports being the predominant percentage of total Suchese imports, the economy faced inconsistencies in the first few months. By the end of 2050, however, it was evident that the economy was in a declination. 

In 2051, citizens -- specifically in the lower and middle class -- began experiencing product shortages and massive lay-offs. By the end of 2052, it was evident that the recession was not going to end soon, but rather an economic depression was inevitable and in progress. The Great Suchaz Recession sparked a series of riots and other forms of civil unrest collectively known as the 2050s Fracas of Suchaz. The recession also generated and increased disdain and resentment toward Eminent Curator Eulas Krarev and the Cultural Magistrates.

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