Groundbreaker-class Aership


Basic Information
Designer(s) Harbitros North Engineering, Project Prismbeam Research Committee, Mancer Aeronautics
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Aership, personnel transport, battleship, gyroship, superweapon
Production 2048-present
Number built 9 (as of 2085)

The Groundbreaker-class Aership is a highly experimental class of Harbian aervessel. It was designed from 2038 to 2048, when the entire aership was confirmed usable. The aership features two large upper decks. Underneath the hull plating and upper decks are several smaller decks, hangars, and maintenance catwalks. The aership, itself, features a total of six gyroblade propulsion shafts. Unlike other forms of aerial battleships, the Groundbreaker-class also features a superweapon that protrudes from its underbelly -- a plasmafusion laser cannon. The laser cannon was designed and invented by Project Prismbeam to create an easily maneuverable superlaser that can be easily positioned over specific locations. 

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