HC1 Atomic Bomb


Basic Information
Type Nuclear fission weapon
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 1947-present
Used by Harbitros, Tierra del Sador, Domi Concordia, Eulumia, Frenoire, San Locura, Machinam, New Vaeulia, Cereus, Roulasvia, Verall, Isteroxian Union, Atonement of Harmony
Production History
Designer Ostlyn Nuclear Research & Development Centre
Designed 1945-1947
Manufacturer Harbian Munitions Corporation
Number built est. 9,250
Weight 4,870 kilograms
Length 3.4 meters
Filling Astrophium
Blast yard 24 kilotons

An HC1 Atomic Bomb is a nuclear fission weapon and one of the least-restricted by the Atonement of Harmony and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. It was invented as the first nuclear weapon by Harbitros during the 1940s Harbian Fusillade of Azium. The atomic bomb, after being tested, was then dropped on a large Hassock city, instantly killing over a million citizens instantaneously. This then sparked a nuclear arms race between the Corporatocracy and the United Soviette Republics

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