Harbian Vanguard Initiative

Harbian Vanguard Initiative Logo

Basic Information
Parent The Corporatocracy of Harbitros
Goal To fund the innovative endeavours of Harbian inventors, researchers, and more
Date of implementation Lamenthrobust V, 1932
Yearly grant net worth $2.5 billion (as of 2085)

The Harbian Vanguard Initiative, commonly abbreviated as HVI and colloquially referred to as Vanguard Grants, is a funding program founded and operated by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros on Lamenthrobust V, 1932. Its founding was headed by first Fiscal Patriarch Virgil Ekaj, as an effort in further repairing and restoring the Harbian economy during the Great Harbian Depression -- which ended several years later. The program distributes grants to individuals or small companies to aid in the funding of positive outcomes that could benefit either the free market, the scientific community, et cetera. As of 2046, $2.5 billion was distributed in the form of corporate grants to up-and-coming Harbians. The Harbian Vanguard Initiative also offers specially-designated grants for unique opportunities, such as the Space Rock Corporate Grant (SR-CG; valued at $600,000) and the Anomalous Research Corporate Grant (AR-CG; valued at $1,250,000). All corporate grants require specific criteria to be met before they are distributed, and the Corporatocracy will punish grant embezzlement accordingly.

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