Harbinger Perdial Power Armour


Basic Information
Manufacturer Vesper Industries
Type Intraugmized power armour
Production 2068-present
Designer(s) Endswood Ordnance, Casanovus Incorporated, Vesper Industries
Designed 2060-2068
Number built 49 (as of 2085)
Height 2.9 meters

The full statue of the Harbinger model

The Harbinger VX-33 Perdial Power Armour, shortened as the Harbinger Perdial Power Armour, is the first commercially accessible perdial power armour on Junope. It was inspired from the perdial power armour Garnon Essias used during the Vanburgh War, and was designed by various employees from Alpha-Dawn's subsidiaries. As of 2069, there have been a total of nine Harbinger PPAs manufactured and sold.

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