Haydon Aex Johnson
Date of birth Junith XVII, 2023
Date of death Wintraend XXIII, 2074
Nationality Primondia Flag New Era of Delegate Primondian
Family Leonardo Johnson (Father)
Barry Johnson (Second cousin once removed)
Place of residence Port Prime, Primondia
Occupation(s) Grand Commander of Primondia
Yearly income est. $1.2 million (by 2074)
Gender Male
Race Aphro-Convulic
Height 1.47 meters
Hair colour Yellow
Handedness Right-handed

Haydon Aex Johnson was the bastard son of Leonardo Aex Johnson. He was leader of Primondia prior to the Concordian-Primondian War. Several days before the conflict, however, he was incarcerated by the Concordian Embassy in Primondia, and executed by Alexander Dunwall.



Haydon's favoured firearm

  • Teenage Haydon seen experimenting fashion, c. 2035
  • A young Haydon taking a selfie, c. 2037
  • Haydon arrested by Concordian riot police after physically assaulting civilians, 2043