Almeida Exes


Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Intraugmized quadrupedal perdial vox
Production 2050-present
Designer(s) Vochroma Key
Designed 2047-2049
Number built 147 (as of 2085)
Used by Harbitros
Height 4.6 meters
Length 10.7 meters

The IPV Almeida Exes -- also known as the Perdial Tank, and Project Excelsior -- is a large intraugmized perdial vox manufacturered by Harbitros North Engineering upon Ezekiel Vechas and his company Vochroma Key being contracted by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros as its designers. Due to the massive success of the Salaegyria litegrade perdial voxi series, Harbitros requested Vochroma Key to design a much larger perdial vox that has destructive capabilities and state-of-the-art utilities at its disposal. From then onward, Project Excelsior was initiated. 

  • Early development of the IPV Almeida Exes in 2047
  • A cannonless Almeida Exes prototype
  • Almeida Exes as its full height
  • Almeida Exes demonstrating its hover capabilities

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