Ida Ozawa
Date of birth Quintillitus XVII, 1967
Date of death Aeostril XIII, 2034
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette
Place of residence Dmeikar-operated SNS Trogotha
Occupation(s) Co-founder of Des Maines Inconnues, former weapon designer for the United Soviette Republics
Gender Male
Race Convulic
Height 1.55 meters
Handedness Right-handed
 Ida Ozawa was a former weapons developer for the United Soviette Republics. However, when the USR collapsed in 1991, he and a small band of other Soviettes abandoned communist Ikaram and hid in the midst of the Zocuric Ocean for several decades, secretly continuing their own research. In the 2010s, however, the Primondian crimelord Lester Bastos made contact with Ida and soon thereafter helped co-found a much larger Soviette cell. 

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