Inquisitor-class Aership


Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Search aership, personnel transport aership
Production 1942-present
Number built 587 (as of 2085)
Length 73.5 meters

The Inquisitor-class aership is a large armoured zeppelin designed and manufacturered by Harbitros North Engineering. It was first created in 1942, when Harbitros began to truly build upon its growing military strength. The first official usage of the Inquisitor-class aerships was during the 1940s Harbian Fusillade of Azium, where dozens of them would shine spot lights onto the singed ground in search of surviving enemies. In times of needed personnel combat, the Inquisitor-class aerships would also deploy infantry.

Despite being an LG1-class aership, it is still used in Legionnaire International -- and has made appearances in the Global War on Terror -- most notably in the Askerskan conflicts. 

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