Invasion of Yappul

Global War on Terror





  • Decisive AoH victory
  • The aftermath of the Yappul-Alberya War is stabilized

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Legionnaire International
  • Harbian Eclipse Agency

Atonement of Harmony

  • Domi Concordia
  • Frenoire


Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte

  • Yappul Separatist Movement
  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Peter Dunwall
  • Terry Bellum
  • Charles Tiller
  • Zachary Berns
  • Ilahad the Reaper
  • Morstai
  • Dua Moww

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • 10,000 mercenaries
  • est. 50 special operatives
  • 37 aerships
  • 3,000 aircraft

Concordian Armed Forces

  • 65,000 infantrymen
  • 150 tanks
  • 750 aircraft
  • 25 war vessels

AoH Peacekeeping

  • 2,500 infantrymen
  • 10 tanks

Yappuli Military

  • 25,000 infantrymen
  • 45 tanks
  • 100 aircraft
  • 5 war vessels


  • est. 27,250 infantrymen
  • est. 14,000 insurgents
  • 7 tanks
  • 3 aircraft

Yappul Separatist Movement

  • est. 2,300 infantrymen
  • est. 9,000 insurgents
  • 5 tanks

est. 31,000 (mostly civilians due to acts of terror and collateral damage)

est. 25,000

The Invasion of Yappul was a military campaign led by Harbitros and Domi Concordia to counteract terrorist spread to the small Azian nation of Yappul, as well as to defend Frenoire against the Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte.

The War

The Invasion of Yappul was a military operation devised by the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and followed through with the aid of the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia in order to stabilize the nation of Yappul after the events of the Yappul-Alberya War, and to keep it from falling into Tullic control -- as well as to defend Frenoire from an open gateway past its borders.

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