Ishimoto Tatsuya
Locuran Leader
Date of birth c. Early Threshannual, 1930s
Date of death Threshannual II, 2056
Nationality San locura 982150 Locuran
Place of residence Sumdon, San Locura
Occupation(s) Grand Leader of San Locura
Yearly income est. $1.6 billion (by 2055)
Religion Locogatilism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.74 meters
Hair colour White
Handedness Right-handed
 Ishimoto Tatsuya, also referred to as Grand Leader, Leader, and simply Tatsuya, is the leader of San Locura. He has retained control over his country for over 80 years. It is also unclear as to how old Ishimoto is -- some claiming he has been living since the 1920s. This has caused a myriad of conspiracies to speculate on his physique and if he is even human. However, this is not where the controversy surrounding Tatsuya ends. Due to his cruel treatment of the Locurans and his infringement on their collective privacy, millions across Junope have labelled San Locura as a totalitarian dictatorship and cry for the Atonement of Harmony to take action against his malevolence. 

On Threshannual II, 2056, Ishimoto Tatsuya passed away due to old age. He was succeeded by the Technopriest of Sumdon.

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