Isla de Extraña


Location Enigma Brink, Zocuric Ocean
Diameter est. 7.3 kilometers
Affiliation N/A, formerly Ceux Qui Dura
Population None, est. 700 Soviette remnants by 2025

Isla de Extraña is a mysterious island in eastward Zocuric Ocean, located within the heart of the anomolous area of water dubbed the Enigma Brink. Since the 1990s, a large quantity of both aquatic and avian vehicles have disappeared upon entering the so-called Enigma Brink. In 2025, a Harbian skyliner had vanished upon approaching the occult region of the Zocuric Ocean. This caused the Harbian Eclipse Agency to directly focus on it and send one of their best-trained field operatives, Monte Montero, to investigate. 

After arriving, Monte discovered that an island shrouded in storm was located within the Enigma Brink. Soon thereafter, it was also discovered that a small population of approximately 700 remnants of the United Soviette Republics inhabited the island -- and referred to themselves as Ceus Qui Dura. The island and its surrounding waters had been environed by an EMP field generated by a series of large towers that emitted electromagnetic pulses. 

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