Population 2.87 billion (3rd, as of 2085)
Demonym Isteroxean
Countries Adharma, Amdova, Anguelian Islands, Anorian Islands, Asata, Azuquista, Bhankhett, Bohtan, Calllova, Cereus, Cicelia, Cirraine, Cruale, Dhuran, Diescalan Republic, Diloria, Dolona, East Roulasvia, Espinthela, Frenta, Gecko, Jaulabohr, Jausterland, Jelunia, Jerska, Kharut, Khrysm City, Khuigyra, Larusian Hegemony, Lerania, Leyanis, Marinne Republic, Naipe Island, Nirus, Pranada, Rajira, Reyania, Sanburim, Silhkana, Telcasa, Tenegena, Thekotah, Tierra del Sador, Tieuxberia, West Roulasvia
Languages Larush (Sulistuese), Jayrsi, Mor Friivish, Atonicean, Verish, Bapharu, Tieuxbese, many others
Time zones (UTC+12 to +4)

Isteroxe is a large continent west of Avarice and east of Baecca. It curls around the Atonic Ocean and is made up of a multitude of archipelagos and smaller landmasses than its mainland. It is argued that the far western islands and landmasses of Isteroxe may belong to Baecca by many geologists, though this is not accepted truth. The continent is home to some of the oldest cultures on Junope, as well as some of the most influential, such as Eulumia.