Isteroxean Union

Isteroxean Union Flag (New)

General Information
Founded Wintraend XXI, 2001
Dissoluted Junith XXV, 2083





Official language(s)








•Mor Friivish

Political Information
Type Supranational union
Branches IU Commission, IU Parliament, IU Council
Headquarters Feir'deau, Verall
IU President Natali Khrystana
Prime Minister  Akash Raju
IU Council Administrator Valéria Oliveira
IU Security Council President Nestle Mela

The Isteroxean Union is a multinational union on the continent of Isteroxe, founded by 2001, 10 years after the fall of communism and the United Soviette Republics. Its founding was spearheaded by Eulumia, after a need for unity and order on Isteroxe was necessary near the end of the Bohtani War. It then played a major role in the Telcasan War and several other Tetrad State Wars. After these series of conflicts in the 1990s and early 2000s, the IU expressed the need to dematerialize all of its members and for them to instead only utilize militias. Instead of every member nation having their own military, the IU would form a continental military to serve the betterment of all of Isteroxe. From the 2000s until the 2050s, the IU supported more capitalist or mixed economies for its members. After the end of the Global War on Terror, however, the IU began pressing nations within its political sphere to adopt more socialist policies. Espinthela, Azuquista, Tierra del Sador, Gecko, and the newly admitted country of Cruale were strong opponents to these changes.

By the 2070s, the IU economy had begun to experience fluctuations and instability. This unsettled economic climate caused the economies of Jelunia, Cereus, Eulumia, Verall, Lerania, and Callova to all enters recessions -- creating a domino effect that could effect the other members of the union. The economic situation of the IU only worsened in 2071, when the Höllenkurier Crisis occurred, resulting in over a trillion dollars worth of damages -- and killing over 200,000 Isteroxeans. In 2072, it was confirmed that the IU -- and most of Isteroxe, as a whole -- had entered an economic depression

The 2083 Cascade of Terror finalized the declination of the IU, and opened the eyes of civilians across Isteroxe that their supranational union had become too inefficient to properly defend its membering nations and their populations. When Eulumia withdrew from the IU under the temporary despotism of Proviso Dorva, other nations soon followed suit and the Isteroxean Union had no choice but to officially dissolute.