Ivan Zunwait
That Freak From Vadrea
Date of birth Junith IX, 1992
Nationality VadreaFlag.1 Vadrean
Family Bobby Zunwait (Father)
Myrtle Gimsly (Ex-wife)
Ivan Jr., Zunwait (Son)
Place of residence Psunion City, Vadrea
Occupation(s) Former Grand Marshal of Vadrea
Yearly income est. $100,000 (by 2067)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.58 meters
Hair colour Grey (balding)
Handedness Right-handed

Ivan Zunwait, Sr. was the Grand Field Marshal of Vadrea, succeeding his father Bobby Zunwait. He was also the father of Ivan Zunwait, Jr. In 2067, Domi Concordia occupied Vadrea after several Concordians were killed during a turf war between two Vadrean crime factions. Due to this event, Ivan was usurped from power and was only leader of Vadrea in name.

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