Jacen Mano
Date of birth Baey XXI, 2042
Nationality Machinish Flag2 Machinish
Family Sam Mano (Father)
Emma Mano (Mother)
Lace (Corner) Mano (Wife)
Sal Mano (Son)
Place of residence Carnnon, Machinam
Occupation(s) Prezidant of Machinam, leader of the Al Mano Union
Yearly income est. $606 million (as of 2100)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.85 meters
Hair colour Blonde
Handedness Right-handed
Jacen Mano was the son of Sam Mano, and the leader of the Al Mano Union beginning in 2081. After the mysterious death of his father, Jacen inherited his father's position as Chairman of the Machinish Trade Committee. In 2083, Jacen Mano made a push to become the Prezidant of Machinam after Norman Chessler was unexpectedly assassinated. He was successful, and succeeded Chessler.

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