Jack Boxer
Date of birth Penulber III, 2031
Nationality Machinish Flag2 Machinish
Occupation(s) Enforcer and hitman for the Harbian Mafia in the Zocuric Ocean
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.89 meters
Hair colour Grey
Handedness Right-handed
 Jack Boxer, also known as the Boxerman and Omerta's Gun, was a recognized hitman for the Harbian Mafia based in the Zocuric Ocean, as well as its most skilled enforcer. Little is known about him, such as where he resides. Due to this, law enforcement in the Zocuric Ocean have a very difficult time tracking him in an attempt to incarcerate him. It has also been concluded that he is not a full member of the Mafia, as he is purely Friivian -- and not Harbian.

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