Jasper Morbon
Date of birth Penulber XVI, 1984
Date of death Aeostril III, 2057
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Henry Morbon (Father)
Lisa Morbon (Mother)
Theresa (Salansi) Morbon (Wife)
Charlotte Morbon (Daughter)
Place of residence Chamberly, Arcadia, Harbitros
Ostlyn, Culberne, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Lex Talionis operative, formerly HEA field operative, formerly Legionnaire mercenary
Yearly income est. $730,000 (by 2057)
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.79 meters
Handedness Ambidextrous
 Jasper Morbon was an HEA operative and formerly a Legionnaire International employee who was revered as one of Harbitros' most skillful and successful agents. He was also responsible for stopping several corporate wars and eliminating various high-target enemies of his nation. 

Early Life

Jasper was born in Jericho, Brimwell, on Penulber XVI, 1984. His father, Henry Morbon, was a lawyer. However, on Junith VII, 1993, his father was assassinated in the Jericho Court of Law by a bitter individual, amidst a civil trial. Growing up in the firearms capital of the world, Jericho -- also sometimes nicknamed Bullet City -- Jasper took a great interest in firearms, and spent a large amount of his upbringing training with them and expanding his knowledge of them. When his father was gunned down at age nine, Jasper made sure to train his mother how to also use a gun -- for protection.

  • Jasper as a contracted security guard for a contractor
  • Jasper patrolling an AoH occupied territory in Aphrostan, amidst the Mother's Rootage War
In 2001, Jasper's mother fell terminally ill with cancer -- and in 2003, passed away. Heartbroken by losing both of his parents, Jasper permanently removed his hair to memorialize his mother, whom had become bald due to cancer-induced hair loss. Now at the age of 19, Morbon became a mercenary for Legionnaire International -- putting his exerptise on firearms to use. From 2003 to 2016, Jasper was a highly commemorated and well-respected employee of Legionnaire International -- and was constantly contracted by both domestic and foreign entities. However, several of his contractors were large corporations who utilized him to fight in petty corporate wars with competitors. He also was contracted to fight in the War in Southern Askersia, and to carry out various missions by allied contractors elsewhere on Azium.

Operating Under the Harbian Eclipse Agency


Jasper Morbon meeting representatives of the HEA in the Paroxys Massif, 2016

In the summer of 2016, Jasper Morbon was approached by the Harbian Eclipse Agency, offering to hire him as an active field agent. They had chosen Jasper, upon reviewing his long list of achievements, skills, and successful contracts whilst in Legionnaire International -- as well as his knowledge and involvement in several corporate wars. With his impeccable knowledge and finesse with firearms, and his experience in stealth and quick movements, Morbon was designated to be assigned specialized missions -- such as infiltrating enemy or suspicious organizations, assassinating high-profile targets, and dealing with corporate wars and other domestic and abroad disturbances to the interests of the Corporatocracy of Harbitros, and the agency itself.

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