Jeffrey Outman
Date of birth Threshannual XII, 2008
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Place of residence Gripwell, Kaprait, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Supreme Admiral of the Sky, formerly Legionnaire Skylord for Legionnaire International
Yearly income est. $3.8 million
Gender Male
Race Jerskudi-Jeruvian
Height 1.75 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed

Jeffrey Outman, also known as Skylord Outman -- later as Supreme Admiral Outman -- and simply Outman, was a skylord for Legionnaire International's navy. He originally captained the Inquisitor-class aership HAS Trepidity and searched out many TECA officials during several wars and operations on the Adonte of Azium. However, HAS Trepidity was shot from the sky in 2038 by a TECA member -- which resulted in the deaths of half of those aboard. Jeffrey and the survivors were wounded, but were quickly rescued by a nearby Legionnaire taskforce. After Jeffrey's recuperation, he was granted a new aership to captain: HAS Hermetic Furor, a Valiant-class avian battleship. In 2058, Jeffrey Outman had been reassigned to a new, larger aership to captain: the Groundbreaker-class aership HAS Vindicta. He used it in combat to mortally wound Extrema Caeli's leader, Garnon Essias, during the Vanburgh War.

After his role in both the Vanburgh War and the War Against the Dominion, Jeffrey Outman was rumoured to be promoted to Supreme Admiral of the Sky when the current incumbent retired. These rumours became true in 2071, when his predecessor -- Arte Radclyffe -- retired.

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