Julius Quinton
Date of birth Sepreindus XXI, 1985
Date of death Hallowtempora XI, 2057
Nationality VadreaFlag.1 Vadrean (formerly)
Fleg Cesian
Family Lucille Quinton (wife)
Elias Quinton (son)
Mason Echols (godson)
Natalia Quinton (granddaughter)
Place of residence Caesarea, Pocruia, Cesieteos
Occupation(s) Former President of Cesieteos
Yearly income est. $13.9 million (at end of Presidency)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.91 meters
Hair colour Bald (previously blonde)
Handedness Left
Blood type O-

Julius Quinton is the former President of Civil Democracy of Cesieteos, and a former advisor for the governor of the Cesian province of Procruia. He was the commanding general of the 2024 Cesian coup, in which he eliminated the majority of the nation's barbaric political and military leaders. A notable act during his presidency was his abolishment of the Cesieteos Covenant and the creator of the new document, the Quinton-Bellator Contract.  Following the decrease of an ongoing series of riots throughout the nation, Julius was giving a speech in the capital, where an assailant (now discovered to be extremist Taamir Ozer) attempted to assassinate him from an unguarded balcony, failing. The event left him paralyzed, prompting him to step down from office, and hold a "fair election" that included his son in the candidation. He resided in the large city of Caesarea, where he worked until his death in 2057.