Celestial Information
Sun(s) The Aubade Twins (Baratheas & Cilia)

•The Moon (Ambrosia)
•Asteroid rings
•Numerous artificial satellites

Rotation approx. 24 hours
Revolution period approx. 364.25 days
Physical Information
Diameter 14,772 kilometers
Surface area 686,122,291 sq. km
Atmosphere composition by volume 78.08% nitrogen

20.95% oxygen
0.930% targon
0.039% carbon dioxide
1% water vapor

Surface gravity 9.812 m/s^2
Continents Antossa, Avarice, Azium, Baecca, Hyperbea, Isteroxe, Szuhl, Weiosaya
Oceans Antossic Divide, Atonic Ocean, Crims' Expanse, Dracohr Ocean, Frofem Abyss, Hyperbean Ocean, White Ocean, Zocuric Ocean
Political Information
Countries 164 (as of 2085)
Population est. 12.35 billion (as of 2085)

Junope, also known as Terra and the World, is a terrestrial planet that revolves around the binary stars known as the Aubade Twins. The planet is home to Humankind, a sentient mammal species, as well as millions of other species. Junope is estimated to have been first formed into a celestial body around five billion years before the Hundred Years Desolation. As of 2070, it has a human population of over 10.2 billion.