Kaipo Kaialani
Nationality San locura 982150 Locuran
Place of residence Jocund Coast Correctional Facility
Occupation(s) Warden of Jocund Coast Correctional Facility
Religion Locogatilism
Gender Male
Race Friivian

Kaipo Kaialani, also known as the Warden, is the Warden of Jocund Coast Correctional Facility. He was placed into the role of warden by the former leader of San Locura, Ishimoto Tatsuya, in 2035, and has since reigned over the islandic prison.

Not much else is known of Kaipo Kaialani, other than those under his command or within the walls of his power in the prison city dare not question him and fear him for if not his cruelty, then his seemingly insane actions.

Some think he fakes his insanity partly to help make the prison city seem more open and welcoming then its evil and cruelty it really is.

His role as Grand Warden in the prison city is much like any warden would be for an average prison, to keep watch on inmates and keep order in the facility and let none escape.