The Klampton Incident
Klampton Incident

Sepreindus X, 2047 (6:19 PM to 11:53 PM)


CVI Klampton Facility, Klampton, Harbitros

  • Total destruction of the CVI Klampton Facility's premises
  • A large, unstable rift storm
  • Small gravity fluctuations
  • Weather distortion
 The Klampton Incident, also known as The Klampton Rift Storm, was a catastrophic event that was somehow caused from within the Carmine Valley Industries (CVI) Klampton Facility in the Harbian demesne of Klampton. The incident was quickly reported live by Cyblink Global and caused mass hysteria and worry across Junope.

The Incident

At  6:19 PM on Sepreindus X, 2047, a large pulse of energy leveled and destroyed the CVI Klampton Facility, owned and operated by Carmine Valley Industries, immediately causing fear and panic in surrounding communities. The explosion resulted in resonant electromagnetic residuum (RER) energy to ascend into cloud level, causing precipitative dissonance. The strange properties of the RER energy and its waves also caused slightly fluctuations in the surrounding gravitational radius, causing some things to levitate or stay suspended in air for a longer period of time. The Harbian Eclipse Agency arrived at the scene at approximately 6:30 PM, and soon thereafter journalists from Cyblink Harbitros and other news outlets. The HEA stated that the event is classified as a "rift storm" -- and such is a storm-like entity composed of highly unstable and chaotic quantum particles. By 6:48 PM, clouds had formed a spiraling cell around the most concentrated section of the RER vortex. The gravity fluctuations increased in strength circa 8:30 PM, forcibly lifting large pieces of debris. The weather also worsened, causing stray bolts of RER-corrupted lightning. However, at 10:05 PM, the resonant electromagnetic residuum began to subside, causing the gravity fluctuations and the ferocity of the weather to die down along with it. At 11:53 PM, the anomaly had entirely faded away, only leaving behind the destruction of the CVI Klampton Facility and the distorted cloud and weather pattern in the environing climate.

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