Basic Information
Type Private company
Industry Toys
Founded 2000
Founder Kurata Kenji
Headquarters Leorao, San Locura
Area served Worldwide
Products Kuriei Buildables, merchandise
Revenue c. $7.1 billion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 16,895 (as of 2085)

Kuriei is a construction based toy company and manufacturer. The majority of the toy series focus around building your own programmable robots and machines that do not require strict following of their building instructions -- to promote creativity. Most of the minor sets and series focus on brick-based models of diffrent locations and landmarks of the world, some of which are only sold in said locations or from the company's website based store. Kuriei toys and sets, be it the robotics-based or the brick-based, are all intercompatible with eachother in one way or another to expand on the creative options of not only building functioning models, but allowing for in-depth customization for the perfect dream aesthetic.

Kuriei was founded in the year 2000 by its founder Kurata Kenji to help young Locurans, at the time, to learn about basic robotics and programming. To many it was a great surprise at how well the company took off and was well liked and was flooded with model and set ideas.

Some of the most known sets and models Include  ones based on television shows, movies, and videogames around the world as well as each nations best publicly known machine/robot type to build and program.

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