C3 Salaegyra


Basic Information
Manufacturer Vochroma Key
Type Intraugmized bipedal litegrade perdial vox
Production 2048-present
Designer(s) Ezekiel Vechas
Designed 2047-2050
Number built 3,034 (as of 2085)
Used by Harbitros, Domi Concordia
Height 2.1 meters

The C3 Salaegyra (also referred to as the Class-3 Salaegyra) is the third installment in the litegrade perdial vox production series mass-produced by Vochroma Key, a military-grade robotics company founded and run by technocrat Ezekiel Vechas. The C3 Salaegyra features almost of the same features as its predecessor, except that instead of a missile launcher on its left side, it bears a flamethrower. 

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