Larry Reeves
Date of birth Aeostril XI, 1977
Date of death Baey IV, 2034
Nationality Machinam flag Machinish
Place of residence Carnonn, Machinam
Shuul Bampa, Ikei
Sevoura, Amdova
Occupation(s) Con artist, Ghost Web proprietor, associate and contributor to Des Maines Inconnuis
Yearly income est. $14.6 million
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.75 meters
Hair colour Dirty blonde
Handedness Right-handed
Blood type O+
 Larry Reeves -- also known as Sear Revelry and Macreed (prominently on the Ghost Web) -- was an infamous con artist and international criminal. Due to the strict economic conditions in Machinam, Larry began to delve into underworld crime to make his earnings. He began as an average flimflam artist on the street, tricking people out of pocket change. However, as the internet began to become more prominent and accessible in the 2000s -- especially to the oppressed Machinish -- Larry sought new opportunity on the hidden underbelly of the internet. The Ghost Web, as it is referred to, harboured anonymous criminal activities, such as illegal goods trafficking. After making connections with his criminal peers, he jumpstarted a ring of Ghost Web websites devoted to illegally selling and shipping drugs, firearms, and other illicit materials across the world. Within a decade, Larry Reeves was rich and bought a second home in Ikei, where he continued his illegal activities in a much more expanded and liberated way. In the early 2020s, Larry ran a self-formed illegal goods empire on the Ghost Web, which allowed him to purchase a third home in one of the most corrupt cities in the world: Sevoura, Amdova