Legionnaire International

Legionnaire International Logo

Company Information
Type International private military company
Industry Private security services
Founded Aeostril XI, 1919
Founder The Corporatocracy of Harbitros
Headquarters •Jericho, Brimwell, Harbitros

•Ichorgue, Vahlhurst, Harbitros

Area served Worldwide
Products Military training, Corporate black ops, Law enforcement training, Bounty hunter contracting, Military contracting, Private security contracting, Peacekeeping contracting
Services Private security, Defense, Risk management, Peacekeeping, Bounty hunting, Numerous military operations, Mercenary deployment
Revenue c. $14.91 billion (as of 2085)
Website www.legionnaire.cor/
Military Information
Service branches •Contract Forces

•Perennial Forces

•Specialized Forces of the Legion

•Harbian Aermada (Sky Navy)

Motto "Divitiis et domum"
Active personnel 5,889,323 (as of 2085)
President Jeremiah Appernan (2070-present)
CEO Zane Murray (2061-present)
Legion Highsee

•Matthew Deyelles (2035-2079)

•Gordon Bradford (2079-present)

Representative Steve Tracer (2080-present)
Chairwoman Nichole Zayanmeor (2066-present)
Supreme Contract-suzerain Adam Lloyd (2056-present)
Supreme Perennial-General Barnaby Jafaya (2062-present)
Grand Major of the Legion Steven Vumeer (2058-present)
Supreme Admiral of the Sky Jeffrey Outman (2071-present)
History •1940s Harbian Fusillade of Azium (1945-1947)

•Aphrostan Occupation Campaigns (1952-1966)

•First Drushian War (1954-1959)

•Vaeulian Secession from the USR (1964)

•Bohtani War (1999-2002)

•Telcasan War (2003-2005)

•War in Southern Askersia (2009-2019)

•Mother's Rootage War (2010-2012)

•Invasion of Yappul (2019-2020)

•Callovan War (2021-2022)

•Tullic Wars in Aphrostan (2025-2031)

•Campaign Against the Covenant (2040)

•Operation Deface & Revive (2040)

•Mother's War in Aphrostan (2044-51)

•Mercenary Wars (2045-2052)

•Vanburgh War (2059)

Legionnaire International is an international private military company founded by the newly formed Corporatocracy of Harbitros in 1919, to build up its own privatized army to secure its nation's economic and civil freedoms. Apart from formulating Harbitros' own stable military, it serves as a worldwide private military operations contractor, allowing for its soldiers to be hired as mercenaries, bounty hunters, security, training instructors, and various others.

The Legionnaire PMC is divided into four distinct branches: the Contract Forces, the Perennial Forces, the Specialized Forces of the Legion, and the Harbian Aermada. The first are any Legionnaire mercernary who is able to be contracted by non-corporatocracy entities at anytime, but also may be contracted by Harbitros if available. The Perennial Forces, however, are only available for hire and contract by Corporatocracy entities, such as the government itself, the Nuclear Inspection Administration, corporate officials, or the Harbian Eclipse Agency. The Specialized Forces of the Legion (SFL) are of similar standing as the Contract Forces, but are made up of individuals trained to act as special forces. The final branch of Legionnaire is the Harbian Aermada -- also known as the Harbian Sky Navy. The Aermada is the only sky navy active on Junope as of the 2070s.