Merc Scare
Sadoran merc crisis

Cold War




Tierra del Sador

  • Agreement with the Corporatocracy of Harbitros that the USR will never invade Tierra del Sador
  • Legionnaire mercenaries called out of Tierra del Sador
  • Nuclear tensions between the USR and Harbitros are at all-time high

Alt Harbitros Flag2 Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Legionnaire International Logo Legionnaire International

Tierra del Sador flag Tierra del Sador

  • CS flag bettr Capitalist Sanction

Soviette Eulumia Flag United Soviette Republics

  • Alt Harbitros Flag2 Virgil Ekaj
  • Legionnaire International Logo Michael Tennant
  • Tierra del Sador flag Aetern Vivandez
  • CS flag bettr Freddy Dazzler
  • Soviette Eulumia Flag Dirge Aldo
  • Soviette Eulumia Flag Natalia Scavuzzo

Legionnaire International

  • 2,000 mercenaries
  • 5 various avian vehicles

United Soviette Republics

  • 7 battleships



The Legionnaire Stationing Crisis -- also known as the Sadoran-Legionnaire Crisis, the Merc Scare, and the Soviette-Harbian Standoff -- was a major event during the Cold War, that lasted from Hallowtempora 1960 until Aeostril of 1961. During the time of its occurrence, the event of nuclear warfare was a very real possibility.


In fall of 1960, the small Isteroxean nation of Tierra del Sador and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros ended negotiations in which the former would join the Capitalist Sanction. Until Sador could establish a functioning military, Harbitros offered to station 2,000 Legionnaire mercenaries, in case the United Soviette Republics attempted to retake the small sovereign island state.

The Crisis

Following the arrival of approximately 2,000 Legionnaire mercenaries to Tierra del Sador, the United Soviette Republics anchored seven battleships in the waterway between the island of Sador and the Vusearian Peninsula. The battleships then contacted Tierra del Sador and demanded that the Harbians leave immediately. The Harbians declined, and insisted the Soviettes disperse instead. Months of gridlock between Harbitros and the USR ensued, driving the world into the possibility of nuclear war. In Aeostril of 1961, however, the USR finally succumbed to Harbitros' demands, and made an agreement that they would not patrol the waters between mainland Isteroxe and Tierra del Sador -- nor invade them -- if the Legionnaires left the country. Harbitros agreed, and the crisis was averted.

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