Lester Bastos
Date of birth Aeostril I, 1988
Date of death Baey IV, 2034
Nationality Primondia Flag New Era of Delegate Primondian
Place of residence Desqua, Primondia
Dmeikar-operated SNS Trogotha
Occupation(s) Crime lord (leader of the Black Leg Impasse Syndicate), co-founder and fiscal contributor of Des Mains Inconnues
Yearly income est. $300 million (by 2033)
Gender Male
Race Bohti-Drushivic
Height 1.36 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
 Lester Bastos, also known as Les Connard, is a Primondian crimelord and one of co-founders of the rogue Soviette cell Des Maines Inconnues (also known as Dmeikar). Likewise, Lester is also the fiscal contributor. Those who know Lester are aware of his hatred towards capitalism and his sympathies toward communism and the fallen United Soviette Republics, despite being born approximately three years before the fall of both previously mentioned subjects. Through his expansive influence in the criminal underworld across Junope, he was able to track down three large rogue Soviette cells. Upon bringing them together, he and their founders conjoined to create a much larger, more influential organization. 

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