Lex Talionis

Lex Talionis

General Information
Founded Threshannual I, 1975

•Jonah Miller

•Edgar Jones

•Kilroy Cooper

Official language(s) Mor Friivish, Latin
Political Information
Type International justice organization
Branches Dolor est Justitia, Umbra Justitia, Verba Justitia

•Vn. Loyter, Brimwell, Harbitros

Emissarius Justitia

Membership est. 1,250 members
Doloris Magistratus Solomon Sethings
Judex umbra Jezebel Edmeyer
Custodia Legem Will Berklas

Lex Talionis, also known as the Order of Justitia, and simply Lex, is an international organization that retains a mysterious and secretive perception from the public. It was founded in 1975, amidst the Cold War, by HEA founder Edgar Jones, HEA operative Jonah Miller, and Concordian Grand General Kilroy Cooper. The purpose of Lex Talionis is to administer true justice where injustice may be found. Although it is impossible to deliver retribution to all individuals across Junope, the organization has made great strides in its efforts.

Due to the shrouded endeavours by the organization, various conspiracy theorists and skeptics have concocted theories and controversies over the true intention of Lex Talionis. 


A member of Lex Talionis

To join Lex Talionis, one must be directly contacted by a justice emissary and be personally invited into the ranks of Lex Talionis. After a long career as an HEA operative and Legionnaire mercenary, Jasper Morbon was one such individual who had been invited.

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