Libertine Party

Libertine party

Organization Information
Founded Solmonath VII, 1945
Headquarters Vice Ridge, Winsch, Harbitros
Chairman Nate Chaszgar
Membership 398,932,566 (as of 2085)
Colors Pheldascolor Red
Political Information
Ideology Far-right wing
Platform Supports: Nearly unlimited social and fiscal freedom, fiscal globalism, aid to suffering peoples abroad
Against: war unless the Corporatocracy of Harbitros is attacked, invaded, or intensively provoked
Affiliate Information
International affiliation Global Political Institutions for Freedom, Global Freedom Alliance
Student wing Students for Liberty
Women's wing Libertine Ladies of Harbitros, Females for Freedom
Youth wing Youth Libertine Movement

The Libertine Party is one of three contemporary parties in the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. Unlike the Avarice Party and the Atom Party, the Libertine Party advocates for freedom the most -- even for things most Harbians find immoral or wrong. The Libertine Party also supports fiscal globalism, which causes members of the party and the Avarice Party to clash politically and ideologically.

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