Lucas Endswood





Date of birth Wintraend VI, 1998
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Jonah Endswood (Father)
Jasmine Endswood (Mother)
Serena (Winthrope) Endswood (Wife)
Laura Endswood (Sister)
Adrian Endswood (Son)
Place of residence Providence, Valhurst, Harbitros
El Tempus, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Co-founder and former President of the Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate, founder and former president of Casanovus Incorporated, founder and former president of Endswood Ordnance, former operative for the Harbian Eclipse Agency
Yearly income est. $57.4 billion (as of 2100)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.83 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Left-handed
Blood type AB-
Modifications Nanomutations:
Life extension therapy
 Lucas Endswood was a Harbian entrepreneur and businessman who founded two independent companies, Endswood Ordnance and Casanovus Incorporated, and eventually founded the massive Harbian conglomerate known as the Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate. Upon graduating highschool at the age of 17, Lucas enrolled into Colgarde University, in Ostlyn, Harbitros -- one of the most prestigious centers of higher education in all of the Corporatocracy. In 2024, Lucas graduated from college and pursued a career in the Harbian Eclipse Agency. From 2024 until 2031, he served as a Domestic Eclipse Operative, and was involved in taking down several major Harbian criminal organizations and crime syndicates. Similarly, his younger sister -- Laura Endswood -- became employed by Legionnaire International in 2020. Upon resigning from the Harbian Eclipse Agency in 2031, Lucas pursued a life of commerce and business, and founded a gun manufacturing company with the money he had saved up with his last occupation. 

After nine years of successfully administering and running Endswood Ordnance, Lucas Endswood began to subsidize several smaller arms manufacturing companies, as well as gunstores, into his corporation. By 2044, Endswood Ordnance expanded to be a notable competitor with massive Harbian firearm manufacturers, such as Harbian Munitions Corporation and Elmonte Finesse, Inc. Realizing he could help shape the technological advancements of both Harbitros and Junope, itself, Lucas founded a second company: Casanovus Incorporated. In 2049, Lucas and his sister helped found the Alpha-Dawn Megaindustrial Conglomerate, which contained a range of companies pertaining to different industries -- most notably weaponry, technology, and telecommunications. 

In 2095, Lucas resigned from all of his corporate positions and retired.

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