MRG-C3 Excavation Droid


Basic Information
Place of origin Harbitros
Year of creation 2056
Purpose Mining, gathering resources
Production History
Manufacturer Ekaj Autonetics International
Number built est. 4,719 (as of 2085)

The MRG-C3 Excavation Droid (Mining and Resource Gathering Class III Excavation Droid) is a class of droid manufactured by Ekaj Autonetics International. It was designed by Ekaj Autonetics, as well as the Varlynne Mining Corporation. In 2053, after the PURE-C1 Patrol Droid had received immense success and satisfaction via sells, the Varlynne Mining Corporation -- led and run by Ronald Varlynne -- requested a droid for the purpose of mining. Through co-operation between the two companies, the MRG-C3 and its prototype predecessors were designed. In 2058, they began to be mass-produced. Whereas Varlynne Mining Corporation had requested it and purchased an astonishing 1,500 upon mass-production, other various mineral and mining companies began purchasing the droid. By 2058, MRG-C3s were even being purchased by yardwork companies and even individuals who would use it as much as they use a lawn mower. 

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