The First Machinish Civil War, also known as the Machinish Fringe War and originally only the Machinish Civil War, was a large conflict between various fringe groups within Machinam after the assassination of Emil Briar -- supposedly committed by the Machinish Rejuvenation Party.

Machinish Civil War
Machinish civil war

Civil Unrest in Machinam





  • Social and economic instability in Machinam
  • Numerous fringe groups and organizations fighting for leadership of Machinam
  • Mass casualties and property damage
  • Norman Chessler succeeds Emil Briar as leader of Machinam
  • The Federation of Machinam is reformed

Al Mano Union

  • Conglosse Gang
  • Committee of the Spriggers
  • Yal Houzzie Cartel

Aurengel Sievers' League
Bipartisan co-belligerents:

  • Chessler Unification Organization

Anti-Establishment Army

  • Machinam Liberation Organization (MLO)
  • Machinish Rejuvenation Party

Machinish Pro-Enterprise Movement

  • Rebels' Trade

Bipartisan co-belligerents:

  • Chessler Unification Organization

Remnants of the Machinish State

  • Federation Holdouts
  • 211th Regiment

Machinish Constant Party

  • Communist Association of Machinam
  • Briar Remembrance Organization

Black Mouse Trading Company

  • Sam Mano
  • Trayvon Conglosse
  • Denny Saddart
  • Zyveon Milrus
  • Fred Sprock
  • Max Kengun
  • Travis Ulrick
  • Norman Chessler
  • Sadie Rusck
  • Tom Mill
  • Oliver Glasgo
  • Carolyn Varakroff
  • Baxter Sooves
  • William Gyver
  • Arnold Triply
  • Norman Chessler
  • Nikolas Yylze
  • Plan Tazyr
  • Brock Asruli
  • Duke Chansly
  • Eustice Lane
  • Ericka McClare
  • Marcus Passe
  • Bruce Clemens

Al Mano Union

  • est. 11,200 members
  • est. 20 aircraft
  • 5 tanks
  • 1 war vessel

Conglosse Gang

  • 291 members
  • 1 aircraft

Committee of the Spriggers

  • est. 53 members
  • 1 war vessel

Yal Houzzie Cartel

  • est. 791 members
  • est. 4 aircraft

Aurengel Siever's League

  • est. 4,050 members
  • est. 4 aircraft
  • 1 tank
  • 3 ships

Anti-Establishment Army

  • est. 79,350 members
  • est. 17 aircraft
  • est. 31 tanks
  • 2 war vessels


  • est. 101,650 members
  • 5 aircraft

Machinish Rejuvenation Party

  • est. 30,400 members
  • 2 aircraft

Rebel's Trade

  • est. 13,000 members
  • est. 19 aircraft
  • 4 tanks
  • 2 ships

Remnants of the Machinish State

  • 189,400 infantrymen
  • est. 230 aircraft
  • est. 130 tanks
  • 30 war vessels

Federation Holdouts

  • est. 39,000 infantrymen
  • est. 20 aircraft
  • 9 tanks
  • 11 war vessels

211th Regiment

  • 40,000 infantrymen
  • 15 aircraft
  • 5 tanks
  • 1 war vessel

Machinish Constant Party

  • est. 21,000 members

Communist Association of Machinam

  • est. 11,650 members
  • 9 tanks

Briar Rembrance Organization

  • est. 61,000 members
  • est. 21 aircraft

Black Mouse Trading Company

  • est. 4,500 members
  • 32 aircraft
  • 2 tanks
  • 3 war vessels

est. 3,480


est. 68,300

The War

On Quintillitus VII, 2049, Emil Briar -- Federational Prezidant of Machinam -- was assassinated. On Quintillitus X, it was revealed to the public and blamed on the Machinish Rejuvenation Party, a political organization well known for its hatred of Emil Briar and the state of Machinam. Within weeks of Emil's murder, civil unrest across the nation broke out. This led to a massive civil war between the various organizations aiming to take control of the People's Federation. Smaller organizations allied themselves with ideologically-similar ones, which caused the field to clear into three rudimentary sides -- the first wanting anarchy and a criminal state, the second wanting immense socioeconimic and political reform, and the third aiming to preserve the state of Machinam. 

In early 2050, a man by name of Norman Chessler made himself known throughout the broken nation after founding the Chessler Unification Organization. The organization quickly gained growth and popularity, and aided the movements of both the capitalist-leaning organizations and the crime syndicates -- creating a greater rift from the traditionalist organizations. The Chessler Unification Organization also created unorthodox alliances and ceasefires among the pro-capitalist and crime factions, forging a more stable stance within the civil war.

Through 2050 until 2055, the Machinish Civil War became a bloody conflict mainly between the allied criminals and pro-capitalists against the Machinish traditionalists. On Solmonath II, 2056, however, the traditionalists had lost the capital in Raritag, thus losing any further hope for reclaiming power. Norman Chessler, on Solmonath III, declared a national armistice and for the traditionalists' leaders to negotiate with him and those allied behind his organization. 

On Solmonath VI, 2056, official peacetalks began. During the negotiations, Chessler nominated himself the new Prezidant of Machinam, and almost all of the pro-capitalist and criminal syndicators backed him. Approximately half of the traditionalists also supported him. He then vowed to free up the economy of Machinam, to allow private enterprise to take place on a much larger basis than it previously had in state capitalist Machinam. As a major compromise with the main adversaries in the war, Norman Chessler promised that the political system of Machinam would remain similar, such as it having only one party -- and that the state would be almost all-powerful, just no longer in the economy. Upon dealing out the compromises between the pro-capitalists and traditionalists, Chessler also stated that he would give special benefits to the various crime syndicates who had fought in the war, most notably the Al Mano Union. However, this was done in secret. 

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