Maelstrom Facility

Weather Control

Basic Information
Owner Harbian Eclipse Agency, Aurora Technologies
Type Weather station, research center, "hurricane dispersal device"
Location Nalmouth, Bisanthe, Harbitros
Constructed 2068

The Maelstrom Facility is a massive tower-like structure located in the ghost town of Nalmouth, Bisanthe. It was constructed beginning in the 2060s and was finished in 2068, though the public did not take notice until 2067. In late 2068, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros confirmed its existence and assured the public it was an avante garde "hurricane dispersal device" to deter or even dissipate hurricanes and tropical storms that threaten the livelihood of Harbians.

Since its debut, conspiracy theorists have theorized it may be a weather control facility -- as it does deal in manipulation of hurricanes.

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