Marius Wenzel
Date of birth Lamenthrobust III, 2014
Nationality VadreaFlag.1 Vadrean
Place of residence Psunion City, Vadrea
Occupation(s) Former crimelord and leader of the Sordida Facies
Gender Male
Race Convo-friivian
Height 1.69 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
 Marius Wenzel, or Brokeface Mary, was a Vadrean crimelord and gang leader of the Sordida Facies -- a gang that arose in Psunion City, among other locations, shortly after the Vadrean Depression initiated. Marius Wenzel and his gang were one of the very first to begin fighting for control over Psunion City. However, by 2056, his influence and power had been directly threatened by the Harbian crimelord Alphonso Chaucer, who had immigrated to Vadrea in search for a new place to rebuild his own criminal empire known as the Famille de Sang. The two competing crime organizations soon took to physical fights on the streets of Psunion City and Brokeface and Alphonso battled for dominance in Vadrea's capital -- all while the nation sank lower and lower into depravity. 

In 2069, Concordian occupational forces raided a Sordida Facies safehouse that Marius was coincidentally residing in, and thus was arrested during the break-in. He was placed into the COF regional prison and has since remained locked up.

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