Matt Deyelles
Date of birth Solmonath XXVII, 2002
Nationality San locura 982150 Locuran (formerly)

Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian

Family Emily (Seah) Deyelles (Wife)
Galvin Deyelles (Son)
Place of residence Lynchburgh, Sunderras, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Former Legion Highsee of Legionnaire International, former AoH Peacekeeping Overseer
Yearly income est. $1.5 million (by 2100)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.81 meters
Hair colour Blonde
Handedness Left-handed
 Matsuda Deyelles was a Locuran-born male who moved to the nation of Harbitros in 2008 with his family, where they could live a more free and happy lifestyle. However, upon moving, he and his family changed their first names to fit in more with the western culture around them. Matsuda was thus renamed Matthew. When he became an adult, he joined Legionnaire International to serve the Corporatocracy. From 2021 to 2034, Matthew showed amazing potential and strategic intelligence. Eventually this led to him being promoted to the Legion Highsee, which oversaw and led the main operations and actions taken by Legionnaire International. In 2045, however, he and a squadron of Legionnaire mercenaries were ambushed and attacked by soldiers of Extrema Caeli, a stateless military terrorist organization. He was caught in a large explosion, which mortally wounded his right arm and left arm. This led to both being amputated, with only the leg being replaced by a non-functioning prosthesis. Matthew declined biomechanical augmentation, as he wanted to keep his body purely organic. Upon his recuperation, Matthew Deyelles vowed to destroy Extrema Caeli and bring justice to all those who have been killed and buried under them. In 2050, Matthew Deyelles succeeded Amelia Benedetto as the Atonement of Harmony's Peacekeeping Overseer. In 2079, Matthew Deyelles formally retired from leading Legionnaire International.