Mercenary Wars
Harbian aercarrier4

Mercenary Wars, Global War on Terror




Global, particulary on Baecca, Isteroxe, and Azium

  • Extrema Caeli is recognized by the AoH as a notable terrorist organization
  • Extrema Caeli causes large amounts of damage and destruction in the western hemisphere
  • Caelum Insula is destroyed by Harbitros
  • Aloyne Varveva is killed
  • Decisive EC defeat

The Corporatocracy of Harbitros

  • Legionnaire International
  • Harbian Eclipse Agency


  • Atonement of Harmony
  • Isteroxean Union

Extrema Caeli

  • Strebor Ekaj
  • Valentine Ekaj
  • Zeygur Murroy
  • Charles Tiller
  • Matthew Deyelles
  • Samson Grettun
  • Amelia Benedetto
  • Terry Bellum
  • Natali Khrystana
  • Garnon Essias
  • Mohzeus Maliroy
  • Aloyne Varveva

Legionnaire International

  • 100,000 mercenaries
  • 125 perdial voxi
  • 200+ aerships
  • 6,500 aircraft

Harbian Eclipse Agency

  • est. 600 special operatives
  • 5 aerships
  • est. 30 aircraft

AoH Peacekeeping

  • est. 25,000 infantrymen
  • 90 perdial voxi
  • 3,000 aircraft
  • est. 610 war vessels

IU Military

  • 19,000 infantrymen
  • 25 perdial voxi
  • 950 aircraft
  • 100 war vessels

Extrema Caeli (at peak)

  • est. 134,760 mercenaries
  • est. 200 tanks
  • est. 50 perdial voxi
  • est. 938 aircraft
  • est. 40 war vessels

est. 125,000 (mostly civilians)

est. 89,000

The Mercenary Wars, also referred to as the War on Extrema Caeli or simply the Merc War, is a global military action against the stateless private military organization Extrema Caeli by The Corporatocracy of Harbitros (mainly Legionnaire International), the Atonement of Harmony, and the Isteroxean Union.

The War

The Mercenary Wars was initiated by Legionnaire International as solely a Harbian military operation on Threshannual VI, 2045, after a group of heavily-armoured assailants ambushed a squadron of Legionnaire mercernaries in Aphrostan during Mother's War in Aphrostan. The cause was accompanied by the Atonement of Harmony shortly after, as well as the Isteroxean Union after Extrema Caeli's assault in Bellaluna. The Harbian Eclipse Agency also serves purpose in attempting to locate the headquarters of Extrema Caeli, to bring the operation to a swift close by invading the base. 

On Threshannual I, 2046, a small squadron of Extrema Caeli-affiliated mercenaries ambushed a Vorenntan cargo ship sailing toward Harbitros for trade. The cargo ship's crew was slaughtered and the ship, itself, was captured by the mercenaries. The Corporatocracy of Harbitros, however, located the position of the vessel and a task force was sent to retrieve or destroy it. On Threshannual VII, a battle between Legionnaire mercs and Extrema Caeli mercs raged in the western Zocuric Ocean. In the end, however, the cargo ship was heavily damaged and began to sink. Several of the large containers that the ship had been carrying were luckily retrieved by Harbitros and sent onto their original destinations. 

Also in 2046, Extrema Caeli aided the government forces in the Second Crualian Civil War, as they had been contracted to defend various portions and locations in the Republic of Cruale. Extrema Caeli, however, was unable to fend off the Harbian-led rebels, and thus the surviving mercenaries escaped the nation.

On Baey XX, 2047, Extrema Caeli attacked a Harbian cargo ship transporting the third prototype of the XS-101 Sonderonne to Domi Concordia. Despite destroying the entire ship, they salvaged the pieces of the superweapon and rebuilt it in secret; they dubbed the third Sonderonne Caeli Ultionem.

Near the end of 2049, HEA operatives raided an EC storage compound in Azium, to discover hundreds of miniature nuclear devices. The weapons of mass destruction were quickly taken away by Harbian forces, but it was now obvious that Extrema Caeli had access to, albeit, miniature nuclear weapons.

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