Meristeppic War

Meristeppic conflicts




Meristeppe, particularly Kasta and Moira

  • Stalemate outcome
  • Temporarily truce between Caesus, Kasta, and Moira
  • Directly causes the War Against Darza
  • Caesus
  • Kasta
  • Moira

Ulysses Vennica

  • Horatio Dimmer
  • Sarl Vaelike
  • Revy Lloyd

Caesan Armed Forces

  • 223,000 infantrymen
  • 100 tanks
  • 750 aircraft
  • 275 war vessels

Kastan Military

  • 133,760 infantrymen
  • 156 tanks
  • 249 aircraft
  • 84 war vessels

Moirese Forces

  • 61,500 infantrymen
  • est. 200 tanks
  • 156 aircraft
  • 95 war vessels

est. 62,830

est. 103,000

The Meristeppic War was a large-scale war fought by Caesus against Kasta and Moira after supposed acts of terror against a Caesan airfield, causing the deaths of numerous trainees and pilots as well as the destruction and damage of various military technology and weapons. The name of the war derives from it taking place in the geopolitical region of Baecca, Meristeppe. The attack on the base, however, was later discovered to be carried out by Darzan stealth pilots using stolen Kastan fighter jets and bombers. This caused the war to be immediately ended, with Caesus, Kasta, and Moira temporarily allying themselves to wage war on the communist state of Darza.

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