Milo Savaraklutz
Primondian leader
Date of birth Threshannual XXIV, 1920
Date of death Hallowtempora XVIII, 1989
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian (formerly)
Primondia Flag New Era of Delegate Primondian
Family Miley (Thorn) Savaraklutz (Wife)
Clancy Savaraklutz (Son)
Occupation(s) President of Primondia
Yearly income est. $18 million (by 1989)
Gender Male
Race Drushivic-Friivian
Height 1.39 meters
Hair colour Dark grey
Handedness Right-handed
Blood type AB+

Milo Savaraklutz is the founder of Primondia, as he purchased its independence from the Corporatocracy of Harbitros in 1969. He then became the first leader of the new nation, and openly welcomed any immigrants escaping the Cold War -- such as hippies whom were being deported en masse by Domi Concordia, and various Aphroids escaping conflicts and instability in Aphrostan. 

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