Future Mining

Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Mobile oilplatform
Production 2005-present
Designer(s) Varlynne Mining Corporation, Harbitros North Engineering
Designed 1989-2003
Number built 14 (as of 2085)
Used by Varlynne Mining Corporation, Clemens Oil & Steel Company, Azian National Oil
Height 194.85 meters

A Mobile Oil Drilling and Refinery Rig, or MODRR and simply a mobile oil rig, is a massive and maneuverable oilplatform created by Varlynne Mining Corporation and Harbitros North Engineering. Due to the sheer size and ability to move across land, there have only been seven total MODRRs constructed by 2052. 

MODRRs are designed to only traverse deserts and snowlands, and are not permitted for use by both the Corporatocracy of Harbitros and the Atonement of Harmony without a contract and evaluation of the region of use. Due to the immense size of the rigs, they cost an immense amount of money -- and only three separate corporations have bought at least one MODRR. Varlynne Mining Corporation has purchased the most, with a total of four in its possession. 

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