Mohzeus Maliroy



Date of birth Solmonath XIV, 2003
Date of death Baey XIV, 2083
Nationality Cadarus Flag Cadarian (formerly)
Occupation(s) Supreme Commander of the Caeli Holdouts, former Field Marshal for Extrema Caeli
Gender Male
Race Friivo-Azian
Height c. 1.7 meters
Hair colour Dark brown

Mohzeus Maliroy (originally named varr-Mohiz'a Mahniruhi) was a man from the Azian country of Cadarus who was the field marshal and one of the three main leaders in charge of Extrema Caeli. Mohzeus' childhood was full of strife and hardship, as his country of origin, Cadarus, was in constant disarray and unrest. He emigrated from Azium to the Baeccan country of Moira. To fit in, he simplified his name to Mohzeus Maliroy to sound more culturally relevant. However, at some point in the late 2020s, a Concordian radical, Garnon Essias, met Maliroy and the two became close friends. Essias played off of Mohzeus' past and hatred for nationalism and petty infighting, and convinced him to join his emerging anti-state organization, Extrema Caeli. 

Throughout the Mercenary Wars, Mohzeus Maliroy also acted as Garnon Essias' personal enforcer, and was present at several major Extema Caeli battles and operations. An example of this was when he negotiated with Lorenzo Del Totatsili the contracting of EC mercenaries to better secure the Republic of Cruale. Another major example was the Fin del Camino Onslaught, which was an operation entirely led by Maliroy. During it, however, Mohzeus was wounded by a Friivian man who lived among the island natives as their proclaimed god. When the Corporatocracy of Harbitros discovered the location of Extrema Caeli's headquarters in 2052 -- and launched a massive attack, utterly decimating the EC's manpower, utilities, weapons, and progress -- Mohzeus Maliroy and Garnon Essias had escaped in Caeli Trogotha, a large Soviette submarine that had fallen in the possession of the EC.

After hiding in Caeli Trogotha for four years, Extrema Caeli made itself known once more by perpetrating the Baeccan Commerce Banquet Shootout -- which had been specifically coordinated and planned by Mohzeus. He also personally led a supplies raid on the Concordian cargoship, CCS Ramisham. He was also present during the Vanburgh War -- but after Garnon Essias' defeat and death, Mohzeus and his own soldiers retreated into Trogotha and exited the battlefield. What remained of Extrema Caeli at the Vanburgh War were either killed, captured, or dispersed into hiding across the world. 

After hiding for around a year, Mohzeus then began to search for old members in hiding -- as well as new recruits -- for his own Extrema Caeli -- the Caeli Holdouts.

In 2083, Mohzeus Maliroy was executed by the leader of the Regulators, Proviso Dorva, at the end of the 2083 Cascade of Terror.

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