Monique Laroshe
Date of birth Baey XVII, 2019
Nationality New Vaeulia Flag Vaeulian
Place of residence Orien Taar, New Vaeulia
Occupation(s) Fashion designer, fashion model
Yearly income est. $35 million (as of 2047)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Female
Race Larusio-Friivian
Height 1.73 meters
Hair colour Velvet
Handedness Right-handed
Modifications Mechanical augmentations:
Cybernetic prosthetic feet
 Monique Laroshe is a Vaeulian fashion model and designer. Besides being a well-known Vaeulian celebrity, she is also a notable augmentee, as her feet are biomechanical. She received augmentation surgery after her feet were amputated during a vehicle accident that nearly caused her death. 

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