Moonpine Forest


Countries Harbitros
Demesnes Charlotte, Lucras, Kaprait, Mariturne, Narbutha, Ramone
Biome Forest

The Moonpine Forest is a well-sized, thick forest in the central eastern Avarice area, within the demesnes of Charlotte, Lucras, Kaprait, Mariturne, Narbutha, and Ramone. It is almost entirely composed of moonpine trees. The forest has rather eerie properties, as morning fog in the forest is seemingly much thicker and more present than fog elsewhere. Moonlight in the Moonpine Forest has also been described by individuals within it as being much brighter -- though this may be due to the shadow-casting nature of the multitude of trees. 


The thick morning fog within the Moonpine Forest

Besides these visual phenomena, the Moonpine Forest is culturally tied to werewolves and other Harbian folktales. It is believed that several werewolves came to Avarice amongst the theoavarists, and those who feared of being found out fled into the then discovered Moonpine Forest. A separate folktale depicts a fur-covered man who lives deep within the forest -- the Man in the Woods --  that captures any lost souls traversing through.

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