Mortun Vivandez
Mortun Vivandez
Date of birth Lamenthrobust IX, 1996
Date of death Penulber III, 2074
Nationality Tierra del Sador flag Sadoran
Family Aetern Vivandez (Father)
Clarissa Vivandez (Mother)
Isabella (Castrillo) Vivandez (Ex-wife)
Mariana Crucia (Mistress)
Zara Vivandez (Daughter)
Place of residence Luz Orilla, Tierra del Sador
Occupation(s) El Cabeza of Tierra del Sador
Yearly income est. $67.3 million (as of 2076)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Larusio-Friivian
Height 1.67 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Left-handed
Blood type AB+

Mortun Vivandez is the national leader of Tierra del Sador and the son of Aetern Vivandez. When his father died in 2017, Mortun became the new El Cabeza and immediately held a nation-wide memorial for his father. In 2064, it was revealed through the investigation of a Sadoran journalist that Mortun Vivandez was having an affair with the Crualian emissary to Tierra del Sador -- Mariana Crucia. Upon this going viral, Mortun had his wife deported from the nation and gave full citizenship to Mariana -- who remained his unmarried lover. Further scandals began coming out of the woodwork, and thus Mortun began a national campaign to censor all unfavourable news.

In 2074, it was revealed that Mortun and other government officials had been doing deals and business with the Eulumian Mafia. Several days after this scandal made international headlines, Mortun was found dead with a gunshot to the head. His daughter, Zara Vivandez, then became the new El Cabeza.