Mt. Verum


Location Supposedly southwestern Mezzom, taiga of Paroxys Massif
What is there is not what is really there

Lake Miralda, right against the beginning of the Paroxys Massif

Mt. Verum is a supposed mountain that has been said to exist in the location of Lake Miralda, in southwestern Mezzom. Since the discovery and founding of the demesne of Mezzom, there have been individuals to have claimed not only to have seen the supposed mountain -- but have visited it and even stood upon it. The people who have claimed to visit Mt. Verum are extremely diverse, and thus share little in common -- besides mostly all being Harbian (even tourists from other countries have attested to its existence). The mystery thickens with the fact that everyone who has said to have been to Mt. Verum gave close coordinates to one, another -- all of which are in Lake Miralda's coordinates. Further questioning has also revealed that Verum visitors saw no lake anywhere near the body of the mountain, thus removing the possibility that it could simply be a nearby mountain.

On a few occassions, people who have visited Mt. Verum have gone back to prove it is there -- only to be utterly bewildered by the presence of Lake Miralda. There is also some photographic evidence of Mt. Verum's physical manifestation, though all are coincidentally distorted or difficult to clearly see.

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